Group & Tailormade Tours

If you’re looking for a holiday where you can combine sightseeing with complete immersion in the culture of your destination, consider a group or tailormade tour from Holiday Designers.

Why go on a group or tailormade tour?

The benefits of a tour are numerous – with itineraries taking in the best sights of your destination with free time to do as you please, the focus of a tour is to immerse yourself into the local culture, sampling delicacies and authentic activities for an unbeatable holiday experience.

Depending on the type of tour you choose, transport, accommodation, excursions and entrance fees are all included. Opt for an escorted tour to have a friendly, knowledgeable guide at your disposal, making sure your trip is both insightful and completely hassle free.  On a tailormade tour, everything from the accommodation, itinerary and transport choices are completely flexible. That means if you decide you want to stay in one place to forego another, you are free to do so.

Where to go on a tour                    

Tours are available in nearly every country worldwide, so no matter where your dream destination is, Holiday Designers will have something to suit you.

Tours of Asia are a rite of passage for any self-confessed traveller or holidaymaker. Hike the mountains of Nepal, take in the magnificent Taj Mahal on a tour of India or float down the Mekong through spectacular Asian countryside to reach Ho Chi Minh City. A guided tour of the holy land is the ultimate way to understand the historical and Biblical significance of Israel. Alternatively, Sri Lanka is fast-becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations thanks to its tropical climate, beautiful landscapes and compelling history.  

Africa is an incredible diverse continent that only a tour can do justice to. Drive the Garden Route in South Africa, uncover ancient treasures on a tour of Egypt and Nile cruise, or lose yourself in the beautiful backstreets of Morocco. In Jordan, discover the lost city of Petra for an unforgettable adventure.

Explore more of our back garden in Europe on a drive through the French Riviera, journey through the cities of Eastern Europe on a tour of Vienna, Prague and Budapest or eat your way around Italy on a gastronomic experience of a lifetime.  

Immerse yourself in the cultures of South America by trekking the once-in-a-lifetime Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, dancing tango in the streets of Argentina and tapping your feet to the samba rhythms in Brazil. In North America, you could complete the road trip of a lifetime along the path of Route 66 in the USA or explore the contrasting great outdoors and big cities of Canada.

Or perhaps you’d rather escape down under to Australia and New Zealand where you can dive in the Great Barrier Reef, marvel at Ayers Rock in the outback or enjoy thrilling watersports and adrenaline-filled activities in New Zealand.

Even if you have something completely different in mind, there is no limit to where you can go!

Start designing your ideal group and tailormade tour today

Holiday Designers offer a completely personalised service to make sure all of the elements of your holiday are perfect for you. Wherever your tour may take you, we can take care of your complete holiday package from flights, pre- and post- tour accommodation as well as transfers. Speak to one of our travel experts today to start designing!